About this campaign - Lift us up

About this campaign

If you are visiting this website, you or someone you care about, is likely experiencing the symptoms of narcolepsy. You may have been recently diagnosed or living with the disease for quite some time. To help people better understand what it’s like living with narcolepsy, we started the #LiftUsUp campaign. 
LiftUsUp is a people centred campaign, based on real life stories. We used ethnography to gain a unique, real-life insight into narcolepsy from patients’ perspectives. First thing we learned was that people have narcolepsy, but narcolepsy doesn’t have them. People are actively taking control of their narcolepsy by managing their symptoms and staying positive. On the other side, it revealed that the social impact of narcolepsy is huge; the extensive planning, that is required to cope with everyday life, and most of all the misunderstanding from others has an enormous impact on their quality of life.
That led us from the Narcolepsy Network to initiate the #LiftUsUp campaign, dedicated to help people better understand what it’s like living with narcolepsy. Our goal is to provide a supportive environment to share experiences, not only related to narcolepsy, but in living your life to the fullest. We want to hear your unique story and hope you’ll join the conversation.