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My name is Cynthia. You would call me tired.

Hi my name is Cynthia but you can call me tired. That’s the way I feel most of the time. Narecelepsy and Cateplexy is not like people make it seem in movies. Narcelepsey and Cateplexy effect your whole life. Your relationships your jobs and even your outings. And most of all your friends disappeare because they don’t understand. Family sometimes sees you as lazy because they don’t understand. I was a hard working women that use to enjoy life and being around friends and family. Enjoyed shopping, dancing and most of all my grandchildren going to all their games and spending time with them. At age 53 I was diagnosed with Narcelepsey and then a year later with Cateplexy. For me its been even harder because I can’t take most meds they give for N and C. So I basically have lost myself I don’t recognize the person I am today. I am usually very tired/fatigued and I forget so many things. Even cooking is a danger to me I have completely fallen asleep and while cooking are forget the stove is on so now I’m am unable to cook unless someone is here. I had to quiet my job because of my Cateplexy I started getting them at work due to stress and people don’t understand Cateplexy so they would freak out. I also would not be able to get up in the mornings because at night I could not sleep so I would get to work late at luchbI would go to my car and sleep because I was so tired I could not focused I felt like I was awake but dreaming. I was a person that would have her house clean and would dress up and comb my hair do my nails. Now I’m lucky if I am able to take a bath my house is a mess I am a mess and no one seems to understand except my husband. I miss family gatherings I miss my grandchildrens birthday parties. I am missing so much because I’m scared to go out and have a Cateplexy and embarrasse my family are myself. Oh then comes depressions with all this and so many more illness. So I pray they find a cure for this someday so that I and many more people will have a better life. Please help support the Narcelepsey network.

Cynthia lives with narcolepsy. The symptoms of this incurable disorder include: falling asleep unexpectedly, extreme sleepiness throughout the day, disrupted sleep during the night, sudden loss of muscle control and even hallucinations.

But the impact of narcolepsy in daily life reaches far beyond these symptoms.

When narcolepsy lets us down, understanding lifts us up.

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