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My name is Lorie. You would call me always tired.

I am a mother, partner , daughter, sister, friend and employee. It’s often difficult to fulfill all of my roles without letting someone down. It’s difficult to balance it all. I don’t like to say , I’m tired “ all of the time but, it’s the truth. I feel exhausted and then, I have episodes of Insomnia. I rarely feel fully rested. I’m a thyroid cancer survivor and It’s difficult to tell if I’m fatigued from needing different thyroid medication dosages or other illnesses because, I often feel exhausted routinely. I TRY to balance things and sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail . I often wonder, what Normal feels like? I make big plans and have the best intentions but oftentimes, sleepiness gets in the way of actions. I’m trying to manage my symptoms with medications while
Praying for a cure. I know people judge me , but, if I’m being honest, I’m my own worst critic. Life can be a nightmare, sometimes, when you are awake, literally .

Lorie lives with narcolepsy. The symptoms of this incurable disorder include: falling asleep unexpectedly, extreme sleepiness throughout the day, disrupted sleep during the night, sudden loss of muscle control and even hallucinations.

But the impact of narcolepsy in daily life reaches far beyond these symptoms.

When narcolepsy lets us down, understanding lifts us up.

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